Top Reasons to Study MBA Fintech Residential Degree Course


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Top Reasons to Study MBA Fintech Residential Degree Course at Made Academy, Bangalore

February 7, 2022


In the financial sector, FinTech entails the use of financial services to streamline financial processes. Due to the advent of technology, it has been cited as one of the fastest-growing sectors in recent times. 

Applications are now not confined to the financial sector alone, they are also relevant in sectors such as education, retail banking, fundraising, and investment management. 

Fintech courses allow you to acquire various job profiles in diverse sectors. If you are a postgraduate student, you can specialize in financial technology. MBA/PGDM programs in FinTech are a wise choice for anyone aspiring to work in this field.

Every professional working in the Fintech sector should be familiar with such software and tools. Ideally, a finance technology course would provide hands-on training on APIs, Blockchain, AI/ML, Big Data, IoT, and VR. 

You will gain a better understanding of the Fintech industry as well as valuable expertise from an MBA in Fintech. The degree will also add value to your academic credentials. Besides, as master level graduates already have experience running businesses in the fintech sector, leading companies always prefer to hire them.

Having gained some insight into what Fintech and MBA Fintech are all about, let us walk you through the MBA Fintech Residential Degree Course offered at Made Academy, Bangalore for Fintech aspirants.

MBA Fintech Residential Degree Course Offered at Made Academy, Bangalore

A central element of the MADE Academy education program is the development of a holistic approach. Additionally, they are taught how to operate in a rapidly evolving technological environment. Its mission is to cultivate entrepreneurial minds with a drive for knowledge-based innovation.

Leading FinTech experts crafted MADE Academy’s certification program in FinTech. It provides learners with a holistic view of the global & Indian FinTech markets. Through it, students will acquire the skill of identifying opportunities within the financial industry. Further, students will be able to build better financial services firms by launching new FinTech ventures and leveraging cutting-edge technology.

Who should enrol in this program?

  • Students interested in financial sectors
  • IT, security, regulatory professionals
  • Venture capital & investment professionals
  • Finance & Banking professionals
  • Companies that sell financial software
  • Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs

What will you learn from MBA Fintech Residential Degree Course?

  • In-depth knowledge of the FinTech industry.
  • A thorough understanding of future money, markets, and transactions.
  • Knowledge of mental tools and frameworks required for predicting and leveraging future trends in FinTech.
  • Utilize appropriate tools and techniques to develop disruptive financial innovations.
  • Examine the impact of new regulations on commerce products in the future.

As a center of excellence, MADE Academy will provide industry-integrated skills that will prepare digital economy leaders with high levels of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Let us now take a closer look at some of the unique features MADE Academy offers.

Centers of Excellence in areas like-

  • Digital Business & Marketing
  • Design & Development
  • Cyber Security
  • FinTech & Blockchain
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Digital Supply Chain
  • IoT & Cloud Computing
  • AI, ML & Robotics
  1. Ecology of Learning

MADE Academy’s Tripod of Learning combines theory and hands-on learning. Besides classroom lectures, the academy incorporates interactive practical and participative learning concepts that involve learners in business situations. Also, based on a cybernetic learning loop, the academy has developed a model that includes four components: Thinking, Innovation, Action, and Learning. Throughout the action learning program at MADE Academy, small groups solve real-world problems by working individually, as a team, and as an organization.  

  • I-4 C Model for Digital Leadership

Ideation, Incubation, Integration and Individuation are the four Cs of the I-4 C Model. The MADE Academy believes it integrates the I-4 C Model for Digital Leadership to provide a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurial management solutions and support. As a leader of a digital, virtual, and complex organization, you need to develop and refine cognitive skills all the time. The I-4 C Model of MADE Academy helps you do just that!

  • Real-time industry projects

Students have the opportunity to work on real-time projects at Made Academy, which gives them real-world experience. MADE Academy experiences and enhanced various levels of experience by collaborating with new industries continuously. Students learn the top skills required to build web and mobile applications and launch their own businesses.

  • Extensive industry exposure

The MADE Academy is a business knowledge enterprise whose mission is to train human resources to enter the industry and start new enterprises. An alliance with AVISTRAT will enable the academy to build networks, establish collaborations, access resources, prepare business plans, and monitor and evaluate projects.

Through AVISTRAT, entrepreneurs can learn, cross-interact, and connect beyond their projects. AVISTRAT provides mentoring to start-ups throughout the country, as well as market access and monitoring for them.

  • Exchange programs abroad

Through the program, participants will gain a thorough understanding of globalization issues. In the first half, you will learn about international business; the second part analyzes and focuses on the Indian business environment. 

In this course, students will learn about Indian business from the perspective of international business.

  • Mentoring and career guidance

For career planning and corporate relations (CPCR), the academy maintains a permanent placement cell. An executive team and senior industry professionals lead the unit. Student career planning and corporate relations are facilitated through a well-structured and systematic process.

The CPCR unit organizes various pre-placement programs. The unit also provides company-specific training before final job placement.

  • Placement Assistance

International placement agencies assist the institute in finding global career opportunities. MADE Academy outlines a clear placement policy and follows a standardized process. Students are provided with specific instructions on Study Abroad Programs and other international experiences. 

Thus, it is apparent that the institute has taken full responsibility for the provision of career opportunities that ensure 100% placements. 

Lastly, MADE Special includes- 

MADE Academy’s blended learning pedagogy include online live sessions, classroom sessions and capstone projects. 

MADE Special Module has 3Cs that is perfect for aspirants who wants to build their career in FinTech-


Entrepreneurship in FinTech; Talks with entrepreneurs and industry professional teach-ins.

  • CEO Shadowing

Mentoring and assisting aspirants in future career prospects and providing sessions on interview preps.

  • Capstone

Lectures or conferences on Crowdfunding.

Are there any other benefits of pursuing MBA Fintech from MADE Academy?

From the MADE Academy in India, you will acquire a post-graduate diploma in FinTech endorsed by the government and the industry.

Interested to join us for the MBA FinTech Residential Degree Course at MADE Academy? Connect with us TODAY!