Top Reasons to Study MBA Fin-tech Online Degree Course


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Top Reasons to Study MBA Fintech Online Degree Course at Made Academy

Top Reasons to Study MBA Fintech Online Degree Course at Made Academy, Bangalore

March 3, 2022

The financial sector has had a profound impact on the global economy and many other facets of life. Today, the financial services industry is among the most competitive in the world. Therefore, the banking and financial sector is one of the most attractive job markets in the world. 

Fintech is a technology-driven sector that brings financial services and markets into the 21st century. It blends finance, technology, and innovation to help advance modern financial institutions and the world’s financial systems. Fintech is growing exponentially nowadays. With this growth, the importance of Fintech Best online fintech courses professionals is rising too. Best fintech master’s programs are a unique combination of Finance and technology.

Best online fintech courses have always been the most sought-after degrees for anyone looking to take up a career in the financial world. However, with the advent of modern technology, comes the advent of a new wave of industries entirely different from what we have seen before.

The next fact to consider is, businesses are being affected by constant change and innovation in technology. Hence, leading recruiters are looking to hire graduates with the tag of best fintech master’s programs degree holders.

What to do next?

Look for the Best fintech courses in Bangalore! 

Today, several institutions want to make their business more fruitful with an MBA in Fintech courses online. This blog discusses the importance of pursuing an MBA in Finance course online and why Fintech course in Bangalore.

Accredited MBA Fintech Online Course offered by MADE Academy in Bangalore is very popular in the current job market. They are ideal for a wide range of professionals who are looking to fortify their careers in the banking and financial sectors.

MBA in Fintech online course is a popular course offered at MADE Academy. But what are the other reasons to pursue MBA Online Fintech Course Bangalore, i.e., at MADE Academy?

Read this blog to know more about it.

Top Reasons to Study MBA Fintech Online Degree Course at Made Academy, Bangalore

The MBA Fintech online degree program at MADE Academy is created by top fintech experts. Our education program at MADE Academy incorporates a holistic approach. The duration of the course is 15 months. The course offers learners a comprehensive view of the global and Indian FinTech markets. Further, they learn how to navigate within an ever-evolving technological environment. 

The ultimate mission at MADE Academy is to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in a knowledge-based environment. Hence, pursuing MBA Fintech online degree program at MADE Academy will prepare graduates to launch FinTech ventures and leverage cutting-edge technology to help build more successful financial services companies. 

Why should you enrol in the MBA Fintech Online Degree Course at Made Academy, Bangalore?

MADE Academy will provide industry-specific skills to cultivate emerging leaders, innovators and entrepreneurial thinkers. The academy primarily focuses on areas like Digital Business & Marketing, Digital Supply Chain, Design & Development, Data Science & Analytics, IoT & Cloud Computing, FinTech & Blockchain, AI, ML & Robotics and Cyber Security.

Objectives of the MBA Fintech Online Degree Course

  • To gain an extensive understanding of the FinTech industry.
  • Knowing the mental tools and frameworks needed for predicting and capitalizing on future FinTech trends.
  • Develop disruptive financial innovations by utilizing the appropriate tools and techniques.
  • Determine how upcoming regulatory changes may affect future commerce products.

Ecological Approach to Learning

MADE Academy’s Tripod of Learning blends theory and real-time exposure. As part of the academy’s cybernetic learning loop, it has developed a framework with four components: Thinking, Innovation, Action, and Learning. 

Aspirants who want to build their career in the FinTech field can take advantage of the 3Cs in the MADE Special Module –


A discussion with entrepreneurs and leaders of the industry about entrepreneurship in FinTech.

CEO Shadowing

Assisting aspirants with their future careers and preparing them for interviews.


Crowdfunding presentations and conferences.

The blended learning pedagogy implemented at MADE Academy includes live classes online, classrooms and capstone projects. It also incorporates interactive practical and participatory learning concepts that engage learners in business scenarios in addition to classroom lectures. At MADE Academy, small groups solve real-world problems through a combination of individual, team, and organizational learning. 

  • Exposure to live industry projects

At Made Academy, students get hands-on experience by working on real-time projects. By collaborating with new industries over time, MADE Academy experiences and enhances various levels of experience. They learn the top skills necessary to launch their own business and build mobile and web applications.

  • Experiencing a wide range of industries

MADE Academy provides human resources with training to enter the industry and establish their own businesses. Having partnered with AVISTRAT, the academy can establish new networks, collaborate, build relationships, utilize resources, plan business strategies, examine proposals, and evaluate progress. 

AVISTRAT helps entrepreneurs gain access to markets and monitoring as well as mentorship.

  • International exchange programs

International exchange programs provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of economic and global issues. These programs offer insight into Indian business from an international perspective. 

International exchange programs are segmented into two parts: the first part teaches you about overseas businesses; the second part analyses and focuses on India’s business environment. 

  • An I-4 C model for leadership in digital transformation

Leadership in a digital, virtual, and complex organization requires continuous enhancement and refinement of intellectual capability. I-4C stands for Ideation, Incubation, Integration, and Individuation. 

With the MADE Academy, entrepreneurs can find a one-stop-learning destination for entrepreneurial management support and solutions based on the I-4 C Model. 

  • Guidance and mentoring

A well-structured and systematic process facilitates student career planning and corporate relations (CPCR). Senior industry executives are in charge of this unit.

A variety of pre-placement programs are organized by the career planning and corporate relations unit at MADE Academy. Company-specific training is also provided before final job placement.

  • Assistance with placement

MADE Academy has collaborated with international placement agencies to place students on global platforms. The placement policy and process are transparent. Students are provided with international experiences and resources to broaden their growth horizons.

Therefore, it is evident that MADE Academy has taken complete responsibility for the placement of its students. As of today, 100% of the students have been placed. A few of the prominent recruiters at MADE Academy are-

  • PhonePe
  • Paytm
  • Instamojo
  • BHIM
  • MobiKwik
  • Razorpay
  • Lendingkart
  • Policy Bazaar
  • Pine Labs and more.

Who is eligible for MBA Fintech Online Course at MADE Academy?

  • Financial sector students
  • Professionals in IT, security, regulation, consultancy, finance and banking
  • Investors and venture capitalists
  • Software companies that deal with financial services
  • Consultancy firms
  • Entrepreneurs

It’s your call! 

Be a part of the leading and most-trusted institute offering MBA Finance courses online in Bangalore. Connect with our admission team today for enrolment!Good Luck with your Fintech course online!