Reasons to Choose Made Academy for Successful Career Path


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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Made Academy for Successful Career Path

December 22, 2021


MADE Academy is a digitally mediated thinking institute and entrepreneurial knowledge hub that is at the forefront of digital economy education and entrepreneurial development. 

The mission of the academy is to cultivate highly innovative entrepreneurial human resources that will help to foster the creation of new business opportunities. In addition, it will help existing companies make a seamless transition to the digital age. Based on a clear vision, the academy has clear objectives:

  • Developing digital talent and skills at the highest level.
  • Preparing world-class business leaders to build world-class businesses.
  • Create a digitally driven entrepreneurial culture.
  • Embracing technology-driven industry transformation.
  • Monitor, advise and guide aspiring entrepreneurs.

Designed as an integrated enterprise, MADE Academy provides entrepreneurial education and creates the opportunity for young entrepreneurs to start new businesses. The academy also offers support for existing businesses undergoing digital transformation.  

MADE Academy has a long history of producing high-quality training materials, supported by a team of educators and industry experts that can help you to solve specific problems and improve performance in the workplace.

In today’s blog, we will look at the top ten reasons why you should choose Made Academy to help you write a good resume and get a job of your choice.

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Courses Offered at MADE Academy

In an industry that is always changing, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends to stay competitive. MADE Academy is one of the most innovative and trusted institutions in Bangalore, where you can learn about the latest technologies as well as explore different career opportunities in the IT field. 

It is a centre that offers training in different digital marketing techniques. Courses like Enterprise Resource Planning, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity training are the ones to look out for. Among the courses offered by MADE Academy are those that assist people in getting started in the IT and digital marketing industry as full-time employers, freelancers, or entrepreneurs.

Let’s look at each of them.

PG Diploma in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

PG Diploma in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a flexible course that explores the key challenges facing organizations of all types and sizes when implementing, running, and using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The PG Diploma in Enterprise Resource Planning is a course for young professionals who want to gain expertise in managing enterprise solutions. The course is available in both classroom-based and online modes of learning. 

Students will develop an in-depth understanding of ERP and CRM technologies and will receive hands-on experience of implementation through real-time projects.

PG Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML)

PG Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) is one of the most demanding courses at MADE Academy. Our unique course content combines the most advanced machine learning algorithms with the best practices in deep learning and natural language processing. The program aims to create a community of data scientists and industry professionals possessing higher-order technical skills towards solving problems that arise in the field of data science.

The idea behind the creation of this program is to provide the students with proper guidance and exposure to the subject which will lead students to build a strong foundation in AI and ML. PG Diploma in Cloud Computing.

PG Diploma in Robotic Process Automation

An innovative PG diploma in Robotic Process Automation course at MADE Academy is designed for professionals who want to become an expert in Robotic Process Automation. Setting the pace of skill development, PG diploma in Robotic Process Automation is a new and the most innovative program designed to equip you with expertise and knowledge in one of the most sought-after technologies of the current era i.e., Robotic Process Automation.

The course is aimed at providing hands-on experience in key areas of Robotic Process Automation and developing professionals who can assist organizations and companies in rolling out RPA successfully by providing them with a framework and a global understanding of RPA.

PG Programme in Cyber Security Analyst

In particular, the risk of cyber-attacks is growing at an exponential rate, which has created unique security challenges for organizations, governments, and individuals. The PG Programme in Cyber Security Analyst at Made Academy is aimed to groom the learners to be proficient in Cyber Security and to equip them with skills and knowledge to work with large organizations across the globe.

Through this training, students will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to assume key responsibilities in the field of Cyber Security Analysts.

Post Graduate Programme in Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is the next big thing. It is a decentralized, distributed public ledger that stores data in a secure way. The technology is being used for multiple applications and there is a growing need for more programmers to work in this field. Post Graduate Programme in Blockchain Technology at MADE Academy will allow students to engage in intensive research in an emerging technology that has the potential to be as disruptive as the internet. 

The course enables students to gain a comprehensive understanding of IT and to sharpen their analytical abilities and creative thinking.

These above-mentioned courses at MADE Academy enable you to be a part of this revolution, learn the theories and get hands-on experience with the technology.

Why Choose Made Academy for Successful Career Path?

A successful digital economy will be achieved by nations and societies that can create human resources that are equipped with appropriate skills and knowledge. Thus, education and training will be crucial for developing human resources to face tomorrow’s complex challenges.

As a part of the education program at MADE Academy, students learn how to develop a holistic perception of their work. In addition, they learn how to operate in a technological ecosystem that is rapidly advancing. The academy is focused on nurturing creative minds with an entrepreneurial drive for knowledge-based innovation.

Aiming to become a leading centre in the global digital education landscape, the academy will provide industry-integrated skills to prepare digital economy leaders with high levels of innovation and entrepreneurialism. 

The following are the top 10 reasons to choose MADE Academy for a successful career:

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

MADE Academy is a core institute that has a strong ecosystem for advanced research and development in digitalization, embedded systems, and cyber-physical systems. The MADE Academy offers the best infrastructure available to IT aspirants. It is one of the most technologically advanced institutes in Bangalore. Apart from a sprawling campus, high tech library, a fully equipped science laboratory, the MADE Academy offers more.

It includes:

  • Design Thinking Labs & Incubation Centre
  • Knowledge Resources Centre – 24*7 internet access, networked CD-ROMs, multimedia workstations, and other electronic databases.
  • Computing Labs – 24*7 free access to the computing resources and a wide range of facilities including documentation, advice, and training on supported software.
  • Executive Lounge – A quiet and cosy environment for relaxation and informal exchange of ideas.

Additionally, the academy has excellent accommodation facilities like lodging, boarding, and catering services, TVs, watercoolers, telephones, solar heating systems, water filters, washing machines, complete DTH transmissions systems etc.  

Reputed and Experienced Faculty

If you have the right mentoring, you will have the right guidance. At MADE Academy, we believe that the best learning happens in an environment of active participation and collaboration and so we have professors from some of the biggest and renowned institutes of the world. Therefore, MADE Academy is an educational institute that is focused on providing the right education to the students. The academy has got a team of experienced, reputed, and knowledgeable faculty. It has reputed and experienced faculty, who are known and recognized in the industry. They are experts and have gained vast knowledge through years of experience working with some of the biggest companies in the industry.

They are all accredited and strive to help the students in their quest to build a worldwide business. From helping students with their application to offering guidance in core subjects, projects and internships, the faculty is ideal in all the activities that are conducted at MADE Academy.

Top Ranking

If you are aspiring to be a top leader in the digital era, then you should choose to enrol at MADE Academy. The academy has achieved milestones since its inception & has gained top rankings. MADE Academy is a well-respected education institution that offers a variety of programs in design and development fields. Along with these programs, MADE also hosts many seminars and workshops to promote students and upcoming talents.

The school has enlisted the help of some of the best educators in the world to create an in-depth curriculum that ensures students learn everything about digitalization and marketing. Once enrolled, the expertise and tools will help you accomplish top repute in personal as well as professional life.

Classes & Workshops

The Tripod of Learning at MADE Academy incorporates both theory and hands-on learning. The academy offers not only classroom lectures but is complemented by interactive practical and participative learning that involves learners in business situations, case studies, audio-visual presentations, games, role plays, etc.

Industry Oriented Teaching

The academy has developed a model based on a cybernetic learning loop that consists of four aspects: Thinking, Innovation, Action, and Learning. As part of MADE Academy’s action learning program, small groups work on real problems, acting and learning individually, as a team and as an organization.   

Live Teaching Methodology

MADE Academy believes that it the integrates I-4 C Model for Digital Leadership to provide solutions and support for all the needs of aspiring entrepreneurial managers. The I-4 C Model involves Ideation, Incubation, Integration, and Individuation. To continuously develop new cognitive skills to manage digital, virtual, and complex organizations, MADE Academy has adopted live teaching methodologies including:

  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Mentoring
  • Gaming and Simulation Exercises
  • Problem-solving Techniques
  • Industry Internship
  • Group Discussion
  • Analysis & Debates
  • Role-plays and Presentations
  • Interactive seminars with industry experts
  • Practical lab sessions in Business Design Lab 

Intensive Industry Exposure

As a business knowledge enterprise, MADE Academy aims to create human resources with the technical and vocational skills to enter the industry and begin new ventures. Through an alliance with AVISTRAT, an innovative system that assists the academy in building networks, establishing collaborations, accessing resources, creating business plans, reviewing, monitoring, and evaluating.

AVISTRAT facilitates entrepreneurship learning, provides platforms for cross-interaction, and serves as a bridge beyond individual projects. As an incubator and accelerator, AVISTRAT provides mentoring for start-ups all over the country as well as focusing on monitoring and access to markets. The primary goal of mentoring is to assist start-ups with their marketing strategies.

International Exchange Programmes

Students participating in the program will gain a thorough understanding of globalization issues and modern business practices. To situate India within the globalization process, a discussion of the business history of India is facilitated. Within two modules, a general discussion of international business is offered in the first half of the second module, while the second part analyses and focuses on the Indian business environment. 

The purpose of the course is to provide participating students to learn about Indian business in the broader context of international business. 

Live Industry Projects

MADE Academy offers live projects to our students so that they can get a project-based experience in real-time. Constantly, MADE is taking initiatives to collaborate with new industries to experience and enhance different levels of experience. Students learn the top skills needed to build web and mobile applications and launch their start-ups. 

Post live industrial training, students can apply for a grant to apply their skills to real-life industry challenges.

Mentorship & Career Guidance

The academy maintains a permanent placement cell for career planning and corporate relations (CPCR). The unit is headed by senior industry professionals with years of corporate experience assisted by a team of executives. There will be one student coordinator for each program of study. It follows a well-structured and systematic process to facilitate career planning and corporate relations for all students.

Pre-placement programs are organized by the CPCR unit through a variety of programs. Students are also provided with company-specific orientations before placement.


To find global career opportunities, the institute works with international placement agencies. MADE has formulated a clear policy regarding placements and follows a well-structured and systematic process. Students are provided with a specific orientation to prepare them for Study Abroad Programs and other international experiences. 

Therefore, one can observe that the institute has taken the complete responsibility to provide career opportunities that assure 100% placements. 

Wrapping Up!

When it comes to education and career planning, there is no dearth of options. However, the biggest concern for young students is how to make a successful career. The career path is what dictates everything in your professional life. It is a lengthy journey, and you need to be prepared for it. Choosing an appropriate career path is the biggest decision of your lifetime.

Moreover, when it comes to a career, everyone wants to stand out from the pack and shine. But it’s not always easy to excel in your chosen field, especially if the landscape is too competitive. “MADE” Academy is an organization that offers education and career advice for those students who want to make a successful career in their life. Many institutes claim to aid regarding education and career, but it is quite difficult. 

MADE Academy has been established to help aspirants who are eager to get ahead and who want to build a sustainable career. Made Academy is a platform that helps young people in achieving their career dreams.

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