Top 10 Major Recruiting Fintech Companies in India


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Top 10 Major Recruiting Fintech Companies in India

February 7, 2022


With more and more people getting into financial services, fintech has become a buzzword. 

Even though it’s not a new term, there are still many people who don’t understand what fintech companies means!

Fintech companies may not have been on your radar, but you surely know about their services. However, there is no clear definition of Fintech companies meaning. Fintech refers to technology-based financial services. Fintech is a catch-all term for disruptive financial technologies that are poised to revolutionize the banking industry. Recently, Fintech companies are increasing accessibility and lowering the cost of financial services around the world. 

This is a buzzy topic right now and everyone wants to be a part of the Fintech industry which is growing at a fast pace. But still, there is a lot of confusion about what a Fintech company is and how it fits into the traditional financial services environment. 

Here, in this blog, we will gain an in-depth understanding of fintech companies meaning and the best fintech companies to work for!

What is a Fintech Company?

Fintech is one of the hottest fields in the world today. Digital disruption has forced financial services players to change how they operate. Financial technology is the implementation of technology in financial services to make their offerings easier to use and deliver to consumers.

The term Fintech is used in a lot of different industries. Fintech is a term used to describe financial technology. Fintech companies means companies that provide financial services through technology. As a result, fintech companies provide us with an abundance of services that make our lives easier. A Fintech is a company that uses technology to improve customer experience and lower operational costs. They do this in a variety of different ways such as Digital Lending, Blockchain Technologies, Insurance Technology and Wealth Management Services many more.

  • Its primary objective is to unbundle offerings offered by these firms to create new markets for them. 
  • Using technology and financial inclusion, startups disrupt incumbents in the finance industry.
  • Fintech companies incorporate technology such as AI, blockchain, and data science into traditional financial sectors to increase safety, efficiency, and speed.

From the invention of digital money to double-entry bookkeeping, financial technology is usually used to refer to innovation in the way people transact business. Nowadays, fintech refers to a broad spectrum of financial activities, such as money transfers, depositing checks via a smartphone, applying for a loan online, or raising capital for start-ups. 

While the sector is typically associated with start-ups and technological advances, traditional businesses and banks are also continually adopting fintech services for their own goals. 

Let’s take a closer look at how the industry is both challenging and enhancing certain areas of finance-

  • Banking
  • Cryptocurrency & Blockchain
  • Investment & Savings 
  • Machine Learning
  • Trading
  • Insurance
  • Payments & Lending

Top 10 Recruiting Fintech Companies in India

Today, Fintech is one of the fastest-growing tech sectors. In the Fintech sector, companies are innovating in almost every aspect of finance; from loans to payments to credit scoring to stock trading. 

Fintech companies are at the cutting edge of technology and recruit top talent from around the world. Fintech is growing faster than any other industry with over 2,000 fintech start-ups. Of the 2,100+ FinTech’s in India today, over 67% were launched in the past five years, making it the fastest-growing market for FinTech in the world. It is estimated that the Indian Fintech industry will be worth $150 Bn by 2025. And the value of Fintech transactions is expected to grow US$ 138 Bn in 2023, at a CAGR of 20%. Moreover, by 2024, the Fintech Industry will generate nearly 2.5 million jobs.

Now, let us check out the 15 best fintech companies in India shaping the future of India’s fintech industry. 

List of fintech companies in India:

  1. Paytm
  2. Bill Desk
  3. Pine Labs
  4. Incred
  5. Mobikwik
  6. Razorpay
  7. Lendingkart
  8. Coverfox
  9. Bankbazaar
  10. PolicyBazaar
  11. Visa
  12. Mastercard
  13. Ant Financial
  14. Paypal
  15. Tencent

Presently, we can all do all our banking at the touch of a button from the comfort of our homes or wherever else we may be. A fintech firm is a company that develops technology to support the global banking and financial industry. Financial applications are also used to calculate EMIs and insurance premiums. Hence, the emergence of these top fintech companies assures us of rapid development. 

Top Fintech Companies in Bangalore

The fintech revolution has made a major impact on our economy. We have seen many changes in our economy since Fintech start-ups emerged, including changes in how we make payments and the way we conduct businesses. Below are some FinTech company Bangalore that are creating headlines in the finance industry and offering unique financial solutions to various markets to reach greater heights.

Listing 10 Top Fintech Company Bangalore-

  1. CapFloat Financial Services Pvt Ltd
  2. Phonepe Pvt Ltd
  3. Razorpay Software Pvt Ltd
  4. Finwizard Technology Pvt Ltd
  5. Rupeek Fintech Pvt Ltd
  6. Gojek Tech
  7. Finnew Solutions Pvt Ltd (Niyo Solutions)
  8. Camden Town Technologies Pvt Ltd (ZestMoney)
  9. Instamojo Technologies Pvt Ltd
  10. ADJ Utility Apps Pvt Ltd (Khatabook)

Summing Up!

The Indian FinTech industry has been growing at a rapid pace with the number of FinTech start-ups increasing in the country. With that said, it isn’t surprising to know that the FinTech industry is becoming one of the most sought-after sectors in the country. With several established start-ups like Paytm, Citruspay, etc. established in the country, it is no wonder that FinTech is becoming a hot industry in India.

Amidst the ever-changing landscape of business, new technology and financial trends, companies are opening doors to new opportunities and adopting tactics of doing things. With fintech companies popping up all of the time, recruiting the right people to fill the gaps is the key!

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