Complete Guide to PG Diploma in Digital Business Management


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PG Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM): A Complete Guide

October 14, 2021


In the digital economy, technology and knowledge are key factors in the formulation of a broad range of economic activities. Throughout society, digital operations are influencing customer’s interactions and bringing about wide-ranging social changes.

Today, the concept of digital business is about doing business within the Digital Economy, changing the way organizations think and use technology to become more innovative, valuable, and commercially successful. Whether it’s reducing overhead costs, automating processes, developing new products or adding value for their customers, digital businesses are focused on technological advantages. This leads to the creation of new value chains and business opportunities.

In today’s scenario, whether you are an industry veteran or are embarking on a new career path, you must have the knowledge and skills needed to guide your business through the transformation process. Strategically shifting your approach to customers and competition, implementing effective and innovative strategies, and identifying valuable data are the keys to this expertise.

Want to learn which degree can help you hone these skills? Let us find out in this blog.

Also, this blog will give you an idea of what digital business management is all about & will give you an idea of how it can help you to continue to grow your business.

What is Digital Business Management?

Digital Business Management (DBM) is an evolving concept. It is a new approach to handling your business that has been gathering a lot of interest recently is Digital Business Management. Not a lot of people have heard of it, but it’s a very interesting approach to managing a business. Nowadays, there are so many terms being thrown around in organizations in recent times which can confuse even the most experienced manager. A lot of these terms are associated with the phrase Digital Business Management. But what does this mean? What is it and how can it affect you and your business? The issues of business today are not just about managing an enterprise. It is about keeping the idea ahead of the curve, staying up to date with the latest technology, changing market trends, the latest industry ethics, being aware of the latest industry standards, being aware of the latest industry guidelines etc.

Obtaining a degree in Digital Business Management will help a professional to evaluate the challenges that organizations are facing and evaluate solutions to overcome these challenges.

Moreover, in the current landscape, organizations are shifting their business models from traditional businesses to digital ones. But this shift is creating problems for the organizations as they are having difficulty managing this shift. But does this mean that they are unable to manage? The answer is no. The solution is digital business management.

So, let’s learn more about Digital Business Management and its applications in businesses in this blog.

PG Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM) – Overview

PG Diploma in Digital Business Management course will enable students in understanding the various aspects of digital marketing and business management. A PG Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM) offers the essential elements of traditional business along with cutting-edge technology and advanced digital marketing and management tools. With this program, you will be prepared for success in a highly competitive digitally-driven business environment.

Importance of A PG Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM)

It is the era of digital where everything has gone digital. A PG Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM) course helps to prepare students to operate effectively in the new digital world. This PG Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM) course has been designed to help students to have a high degree of knowledge about digital business processes and digital business models to face the future challenges of business.

PG Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM) Syllabus

PG Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM) is a unique skill enhancement course with a strong emphasis on digital business skills. This is the detailed syllabus of the course:

Module – I
Rise Of Digital Economy – Fundamentals of Digital Business
Economic Principles of Digital Economy
Managing Digital Business
Finance And Accounting in The New Economy
Digital Marketing & Web Strategies
Term Project – Study of A Digital Business Organization

Module – II
Human Assets & Talent Management in Digital Economy
Leadership In Business Organization in Digital Economy
Business Analytics
Digital Product Management
Digital Business Strategy
Term Project: Business Analysis – Firm Level

Module – III
Multicultural Management
Quantitative Computing & Models for Management (Spss)E Commerce
Operation And Supply Chain Management Digital Economy
Term Project: Writing A Business Proposal

Module – IV
Knowledge Management
Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Digital Economy
Software Project Management
Corporate Communication
Project Work – Prepare A Detailed Business Plan for A Start-Up in Digital Business

Why Pursue a PG Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM)?

The PG Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM) course aims to provide an understanding of the different ways in which digital tools can be used to create value for the business. A PG Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM) is a good option if you aspire to be a Digital Business Manager. With the demand for Digital Business Managers on the rise, PGDBM is a good option for those who want to know more about Digital Business.

Listing a few top reasons to pursue a PG Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM):

  • With digital technology and innovation, create a holistic view of your digital strategy
  • To improve your problem-solving, analytical, creative, and critical thinking capabilities
  • Develop Business Strategies that incorporate the Internet of Things
  • Establish yourself as a leader in an industry that will influence current and future business
  • Be an expert on modern technologies and e-business applications
  • Learn digital business management fundamentals
  • Manage your customer experience and analyze your business data
  • Utilize Machine Learning, Blockchain, Analytics, and Big Data to help you succeed in business
  • Enhance and transform product concepts and operations
  • Gain expertise & take initiative in leading digital transformations
  • Effectively take your career to a new level

Skills Required for a Career in Digital Business Management

Companies in the digital economy, including tech companies, are beginning to realize the importance of digital skills for employees. Now more than ever, it is important for new employees to be cross-trained and to have both soft and hard skills. It does not matter what specific job you are interviewing for; recruiters are looking for applicants with a broader skillset and more experience.

Listing Top 7 skills to build a successful career in Digital Business Management:

  • Programming, Web and App Development

Coding lies at the heart of any digital service or tech product. Emerging technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) rely on coding. Demonstrating your knowledge and experience through your coding portfolio will validate both your knowledge and experience and help you achieve your professional goals.

  • Digital Design and Data Visualization

The user interface is common to websites, apps, and digital services. Most tech companies need designers who can create effective, dynamic user experiences. They can also visualize complex data to aid management in making key business decisions.

  • Digital Business Analysis

The Digital Business Analysis helps organizations make smart decisions by evaluating the situation objectively and utilizing proven analytical tools and justifying investment in a digital solution. In the digital economy, digital transformation is central to all organizations, thus digital business analysis skills are the hottest skills to have on your CV. A digital business analyst is at the heart of every digital transformation project. By building a digital ecosystem of technologies, they help companies transform themselves and grow.

  • Digital Project Management

Project management is not exclusive to tech companies, yet it is essential to delivering digital products and services on time and at a reasonable cost. Therefore, a digital project manager needs to understand the development process from ideation to prototype to final product.

  • Digital Marketing and Social Media

Digital marketing is the one-way tech companies promote their products and services. The key to getting the most out of the broadest range of networks is to understand how to get the most value for money. Nowadays, almost all effective PR today is done online. There are hundreds of social media platforms that provide direct access to customers, opinion leaders, and influencers. Today, social media marketing is the best way to engage customers. Therefore, acquiring these skills is necessary.

  • Data Science and Data Analytics

Big Data analysts can help companies interpret mountains of data that they gather, which can be enormously valuable to them. Today, employers around the globe are looking for qualified Data Scientists. Learning data science will put you ahead of the curve, as data science has become a prerequisite for a growing number of manager-level jobs.

  • Digital Product Management

Another skill that is not exclusive to software development but is nonetheless valuable is Digital Product Management. Particularly in the software industry, lifecycle management is essential. Software as a Service will continue to grow, making Product Management ever more important to the tech industry. It will be an invaluable addition to your CV and a major asset during interviews.

Salary After PG Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM) 2021

In India, the average annual salary for a Digital Business Manager is INR10,69,128 per annum.

*Source- Glassdoor

Future Scope of PG Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM)

The Global Digital Economy is growing at a fast pace. The business environment is changing day by day. People are demanding more efficient work. The need for Digital Business Management is growing every passing day. PG Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM) is one of the finest professional courses in the field of Digital Business. PGDBM is the most integrative post-graduate course in the Digital Age. This course is the first of its kind that provides students with an in-depth understanding of the inter-connected business domain of digital business.

The overall objective of PGDBM is to bring in multi-discipline perspectives to deal with the Digital Age. The course is not only about digital technologies but is also about how digitalization is changing the entire social structure of the world. PG Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM) course is about how to create a team of multi-disciplinary perspectives. The scope of PGDBM will expand in the future, with the introduction of new modules in areas like Social Media Management, Digital Business Analytics, Digital Business Strategy, Digital Business Marketing, Mobile Marketing Communication and E-Commerce. Therefore, you can say that it prepares India’s next generation of business leaders to deal with the digital revolution, as well as other emerging technologies.

Career Opportunities After PG Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM)

With the PG Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM), students will gain a deeper understanding of digital business and the skills needed in today’s economy. Professionals can opt for top 6 job opportunities like:

  • Digital Marketing Manager

An organization’s digital marketing manager creates, plans, and executes its organization’s digital marketing campaigns to meet business and marketing objectives. Digital marketing managers will have extensive experience with digital technology. This professional is adept at all digital marketing platforms, including social media. They need to be analytically strong as well as creative. These professionals analyze the data to generate and convert leads effectively. Through research into new online possibilities and consumer reactions, they will look for ways to positively affect the end consumer.

  • Digital Business Analyst

Business analysts aid organizations in defining, designing, and implementing digital projects that will help them achieve their goals. Using their expertise in digital solutions, digital business analysts propose services to be offered online after analyzing an organization internally. Besides advanced technical knowledge, digital business analysts possess project management skills. Analytical and interpersonal skills are also their key attributes. In most cases, they create a digital roadmap outlining what is needed, how much time and what resources are required. As change managers, they ensure project objectives are met and work with key stakeholders.

  • Digital Transformation Manager

People management skills, planning skills, and project management capabilities should be essential for this profession. The role of the digital transformation manager is to review the existing processes, structures, and roles within an organization and implement digital solutions to optimize them. To ensure all functions are covered by the new systems, these professionals will coordinate with the current staff as well as with IT to ensure the new systems are feasible. Technology solutions will be designed, developed, and implemented by them. They will also be responsible for managing the project’s change.

  • Chief Ecommerce Officer

Online sales are the responsibility of an e-commerce manager. They have advanced digital skills and are skilled in sales. These individuals are creative and strategic. As part of their duties, they plan, define, design and promote the web shop, monitor the results and devise strategies to increase traffic and sales. Their cooperation and alignment with sales, marketing and supply departments will facilitate the overarching organization’s sales objectives. Additionally, these professionals will be involved in logistics for supply and delivery as well as creating an optimal user experience.

  • Digital Innovator

Discovering and implementing new digital technologies that produce a competitive advantage for an organization is the role of the digital innovator. Companies can achieve better results on online platforms with their innovative solutions. A wide variety of disciplines falls under this category, including graphic design, marketing, UX, UI, and technical solutions. The scope of this discipline encompasses everything from social media to operational efficiency. A change management approach might be viewed as part of this area.

  • Media Planner

The media planning process involves deciding when and where to advertise for an organization. Planning for media can take many forms, depending on the goals of an organization, such as visibility, reach, engagement, reputation, image, and ROI. Media planners monitor results and handle large budgets to determine the effectiveness of marketing plans. In addition, the people working within the department must be organized and able to negotiate with suppliers.

Top Recruiters for PG Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM)

The PG Diploma in Digital Business Management aims at giving a core knowledge of digital business management that is required for running a business in the present digital world. In addition to this, you have to have practical knowledge of using digital tools to run a business. To help you in getting the best from the digital space, we have listed here the top recruiters and employers where you can apply and find jobs in different fields like marketing, sales and social media.

Here is the list of top 10 recruiters hiring professionals in PGDBM are:

  1. IBM
  2. Google
  3. Deloitte
  4. Oracle
  5. Zomato
  6. Yahoo
  7. Novartis
  8. Cognizant
  9. Paytm
  10. Cisco and more.

Wrapping Up!

Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM) course equips you with an understanding of the digital economy and how a business needs to adapt and change in the ever-changing landscape. This course focuses on the transformation of digital business and change management and has been designed and developed with the support of industry experts from across the globe. The course explores key themes including the changing work environment, the impact of technology on business, business models, strategy and how to successfully adopt digital technologies. Hopefully, this blog has imparted all the necessary information required to make a sound decision to pursue Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Business Management (PGDBM) program.

PGDBM graduates are offered a wide array of career options and business opportunities upon successful completion of the degree. The MADE Academy’s Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Business Management program caters to the need for flexible, entrepreneurial business professionals.

The graduates of MADE Academy have an international mindset, are multiculturally savvy, and are innovative thinkers. Thus, they are ideal candidates for positions at large, multinational companies as well as for entrepreneurs who are eager to start their businesses.

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