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You will learn the key concepts of design thinking, along with various methods and approaches that can be practiced via the Design Thinking Lab & Incubation Centre. Academy’s main objective is to create a digital library. The facility also contains multimedia workstations, electronic databases, interactive CD-ROMs and connectivity to the Internet facility. 24*7 free access to computing resources. Professional catering and furnished boarding accommodations are provided. Every residence hall has a TV, telephone, water cooler, solar heating system, water filter, washer, etc. All buildings possess DTH transmissions. In addition to the Executive Education Centre, My Tea House also serves as the Executive Lounge. In this quiet and cosy environment, one can relax and exchange ideas.


Teaching Pedagogy-

Through a ‘cybernetic learning loop’ of Thinking, Innovation, Action, and Learning, the Academy has developed a model ECOLOGY OF LEARNING. Small groups work on real-world problems, take action, and learn as individuals, as a team, and as an organization. At Academy, theory is complemented by hands-on training. In addition to lectures, class instruction involves interactive practical and participatory learning, such as games and simulation exercises, brainstorming sessions, analysis and debates, internships, group discussions, role plays, and presentations with industry professionals.


MADE Academy offers students a wide range of career opportunities. Despite the recession, the MADE achieved a 100% placement rate. In order to find global career opportunities, the Academy has collaborated with international placement agencies. To facilitate the exploration of global career opportunities, the Academy provides participants with opportunities to travel abroad as a part of its structured programme. Deserving students can also be sponsored to present papers at international conferences by the Academy. Many of my batchmates or former students are currently working abroad.


The MADE Academy offers young entrepreneur’s holistic education and opportunities to launch new start-ups and support existing companies to transition to digitalization. Similarly, enrolling my son at MADE has transformed him completely. As a leader of world-class business enterprises, he has acquired high-end digital skills and talents. My gladness stems from the fact that his decision to enroll at MADE Academy has proven fruitful for him.