What is a Global MBA? | Eligibility, Fees, Jobs, and Salary


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Global MBA: Meaning, Eligibility, Syllabus, Fees, Scope, Jobs & Salary

October 9, 2021


The world is shrinking and companies are expanding their operations across the globe. The rising need for managers and leaders has created a new category of business degrees referred to as MBA. International business is a world in itself, a complex system in which a lot goes under the radar. An MBA in a foreign country is a valuable asset, but you must know which MBA you need to pursue. 

Do you want to strengthen your business skills, but you do not know where to start? If this is the case, you should consider enrolling in a business degree. But what is the best business degree to enrol in? 

Global MBA is a popular and prestigious program. It is a professional degree that will help you earn a good salary and get a good job in global spheres. It will give you skills to analyse business and deal with business people. 

In this blog, we will take a look at the concept of Global MBA, its eligibility criteria for admission, future scope and career opportunities. 

What is a Global MBA?

When most individuals think about pursuing an MBA, they picture themselves on campus with other students, attending classes, and never leaving their campus until graduation. The Global MBA is a variation of the regular MBA course that focuses on international business management. The curriculum is constructed in such a way that you get a global perspective on different business ideas and concepts.

An MBA in Global Business assists you in understanding the differences between global businesses and national ones. A global MBA, however, is an opportunity that unites individuals from all over the world for a level of learning that is virtually unparalleled. 

A Global MBA refers to an advanced degree with a diverse student body and a global standard of curriculum and course structures. Despite the lack of specific criteria for defining “global,” the above-mentioned elements comprise the core of a Global MBA. While traditional MBA programs emphasize the idea of bringing together students from different backgrounds and regions, global MBA programs follow the idea of bringing students from all walks of life under one roof.

Global MBA Eligibility

A Global MBA is an MBA that is granted by a university that is recognized by the world’s top universities. Many of the top business schools in the world offer a global MBA. Well, as such there is no strict eligibility requirement for Global MBA students but these are the basic eligibility criteria:

  • The basic MBA eligibility requirement for this programme is a bachelor’s degree with at least 50% in any discipline.
  • Candidates must have completed graduation in the relevant stream and have worked full-time for at least 3 years before applying
  • An entrance exam is required at the institute level or at the national level for admission.
  • English language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL iBT or PTE are required for students who have not studied the language.

Global MBA Syllabus

As part of the Global MBA curriculum, you will be introduced to the core concepts, management theory, and latest case studies that reflect the current international marketplace and will provide you with the fundamental skills to thrive. Designed to prepare you for a business career, the program covers topics such as finance, strategic management, operations management, and marketing. The Global MBA program is divided into 4 core modules and 2 elective modules. The latter part of the program will consist of a research project and an MBA dissertation.

Syllabus structure:

  Semester – I  Semester – II
Economics For ManagersTechnology For Management
Organizational BehaviourManagerial Research Methods
Accounting For ManagersEntrepreneurship And Ethics
Statistics For ManagementHuman Capital Management
Marketing For Customer ValueFinancial Management
Business And IndustryQuantitative Techniques and Operations Research

  Semester – III  Semester – II
Strategic Management & Corporate GovernanceInternational Business Dynamics
Projects And Operations ManagementElective I
Elective IElective II
Elective IIElective III
Elective IIIDissertation
Open Elective 
Project work 

Global MBA Fees Structure

Every year, thousands of aspiring MBA students all over the world get ready to go through an extensive application process for their favourite business school. Many of them will spend months on the application while letting go of several opportunities in the process.

However, the prices of Global MBA courses vary from one school to another, and the fee structure also varies from one school to another. This is because of the different factors such as the number of courses offered by the school, the annual fee charged by the school, the fee charged by the students, and other factors. In general, the Global MBA fee structure starts around INR 6.5 LPA.

Why Choose Global MBA?

Companies throughout the world are targeting the global expansion of their brands outside their home countries due to globalisation. You can benefit more from a background in global business management than from regular managerial capabilities in this situation. These days, both students and professionals are searching for better educational and career opportunities. To advance in the business world, you must have practical insights into the business industry, a good understanding of the cultures prevalent on international business platforms, and an understanding of market trends worldwide.

The following are some reasons why you should consider getting a Global MBA:

An immense scope of learning

You can broaden your knowledge with a Global MBA beyond a regional focus. It can also expand your horizons and give you a global outlook. The curricular composition and diverse platform of students presents a different range of learning for the candidates. It helps you to look at how international businesses operate and grow further. As well as broadening your horizons, it can give you a global perspective. Due to the composition of the curriculum and the diversity of students, each candidate has an opportunity to learn something new. Through this program, you learn about how international businesses operate and how they can improve.

Business and management subjects enhance your understanding of business and help you develop or improve your interpersonal skills. For working professionals looking to overcome career stagnation, a Global MBA is an ideal option.

Numerous networking prospects

A Global MBA is a way for professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries to network and interact. 

Through your studies, you will have the chance to meet people with similar interests and those with different perspectives. It will make you familiar with different industries, allow you to build a professional network, and open new doors for you. Therefore, you have the opportunity to communicate with international business players while simultaneously developing your networking skills. As well as developing cultural sensitivity, you can gain insight into different perspectives and be better prepared to work with people from around the globe.

The possibility of professional development on a global scale

These programs offer excellent employment prospects. An MBA with a Global focus develops managerial and business skills applicable to a wide range of sectors all over the world. 

Professionals with substantial work experience are generally interested in Global MBA courses because it is one of the eligibility requirements. You will be able to expand your professional footprint, leading to a boost in your career. It will also improve your productivity in the roles that you eventually assume. The course can therefore increase your career prospects and give you the chance to apply for a wide range of international jobs.

Job opportunities with high salaries

It’s most often to find a high-paying job that people migrate overseas. It will take you less time to achieve high positions in an international corporation with a Global MBA. A Global MBA can equip you with the confidence to work anywhere in the world in any industry.

Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit

People have a variety of ideas, some of which may lead to breakthroughs. A course in Global MBA will expose you to a variety of entrepreneurial ideas that can succeed. It will allow you to collaborate with your peers on innovative ideas. 

Thus, you will gain valuable experience from the course, which you can apply to future endeavours.

Meeting the demands of the market

A dynamic environment characterizes the global business world. It is continually changing and evolving to meet the revolutionizing demands of customer service employees and strategies. 

Today, the professional field requires candidates with a good understanding of global markets, regulatory issues, and business practices. With the ever-changing domain, the demand for global business professionals is on the rise, which means there will further be an increase in demand for global MBA perspectives.

Skills Required for Global MBA

Nowadays international business requires completely different skills than those expected even ten years ago. In today’s globally connected business world, it isn’t primarily about analytical or accounting skills. Despite the importance of technical expertise, it is the “soft skills” that will determine whether you succeed in international business.

According to the study, soft skills, including influencing, collaborating, and thinking adaptably, were critical for achieving success in international business. Whatever your goal, these are the skills you require to succeed, whether you’re searching for a job with a large multinational company, setting up a business abroad, or launching your venture. 

Here are the top 7 skills required for a Global MBA:

Cross-cultural communication skills

Working in international business means working in a diverse workplace with people from different backgrounds. Understanding how to communicate across cultures is essential, whether it’s for a colleague, client, or customer. It’s vital for any management position to be able to communicate up, down, and cross-functionally.  

A degree in Global MBA will help you cultivate this skill as well, dealing with the challenges that come with working in diverse groups.

Interpersonal skills

Business success depends on your ability to influence others, whether that means persuading an investor to invest in your project, influencing an employee to change their work habits, or convincing a customer to buy your product. Communication, networking, and collaboration can all lead to influence for business leaders who build good relationships and build respect.

Entrepreneurial skills

As a dynamic, growth-oriented organization, entrepreneurial skills can be critical, since spotting a hole in the market, judging whether it’s worth filling and bringing creative and technical solutions can be invaluable. 

Leadership skills

Management requires leadership skills to enable subordinates to carry out their functions, which is no easy task. A good leader, however, will make those around them feel valued and inspire the entire team.

Emotional Intelligence

The concept of emotional intelligence refers to an individual’s ability to identify and regulate their own emotions as well as those of others. When it comes to international business, emotional intelligence is regarded as a key skill. This is because it influences nearly everything a business does.

The ability to control one’s emotions and be self-aware makes them better able to react calmly in stressful or critical business situations and to adapt to change more easily. Due to their strong sense of empathy and excellent interpersonal skills, they can collaborate and communicate effectively with each other.


Mental strength and resilience are unquestionably necessary for success in international business. Practically, it takes a lot of time to work across cultures and time zones. Across the business world, failure, setbacks, and defeat are common occurrences. To showcase success, you have to demonstrate resilience.

Adaptive thinking

In today’s business environment, you must be able to act quickly and think outside the box to solve problems. People who can adapt to a constantly changing environment thrive in international business. Today, it’s a strategic skill required of global professionals.

Global MBA Future Scope in India

Global MBA is a dream for many, but few people know that it is possible. Global MBA programs come in many different shapes and sizes and there is a Global MBA program for you.

Big cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai have held a strong grip on the business management market in India. With the rising demand of young, talented and ambitious professionals, the Global MBA degree has found a secure place in the business world.

Global MBA is a very respected qualification all around the world. This qualification is in high demand in India not only because of the benefits that it offers in terms of employment opportunities. A Global MBA is a gateway to management positions in the corporate sector worldwide. The future scope for a Global MBA is higher compared to any other post-graduate degree. Therefore, the scope for Global MBA is predicted to grow in the coming years. 

Global MBA Top Job Opportunities in India 

The Indian job market is bursting with opportunities for students with a strong degree and experience to back it. Global MBA is a world-class MBA course promisingly opening wide job opportunities.

Nowadays, many foreign recruiters are now looking for MBA graduates with experience in international roles. They are looking for people who have experience in diverse cultures. 

Here, we have mentioned some of the best international job opportunities that you can apply for. If you are looking for a job opportunity, then you should check these to job opportunities in India.

International Management Consultant 

Those with a Global MBA degree can work as consultants to improve companies’ processes and operations in all areas of business. These consultants can help improve the financial, information technology (IT) and marketing performance of their clients. Global management consultants can also provide customized solutions to increase the productivity of cross-cultural teams. Occasionally, these consultants are employed by government agencies, and they tend to identify areas for optimizing resources and reducing costs.

International Trade Policy Advisor or Custom Manager

The trade regulations related to exporting and importing are specialized by business professionals in most developed nations.

Small and medium-sized businesses can access these trade advisors for assistance when it comes to exporting their products or importing foreign products for resale elsewhere. A Policy advisor for international trade helps companies find business partners across global markets, and they can act as their clients’ representatives for most business transactions and negotiations.

Managing Multinational Marketing

Several companies have adjusted their business processes to perform in a global context to maintain growth opportunities. As a result, there is a greater demand for global marketing managers to monitor trends in international markets, run effective advertising campaigns, and maintain brand reputations for company products. 

Alternatively, they may be responsible for overseeing only a single product within a portfolio while using learned economic principles and market research results.

International Administrative Services Manager

Business leaders like administrative service managers are vital to the smooth operation of companies in overseas markets. They help companies plan, coordinate and facilitate the infrastructure necessary for smooth operations. Administrators assist these organizations in finding appropriate office space, warehouses, and other facilities according to their needs. Additionally, they are responsible for setting up and maintaining telecommunications and computer systems for foreign businesses.

Information management and bookkeeping skills are important to administrative services managers daily. International businesses with foreign home offices can take advantage of these professionals’ global business skills and valuable contacts in familiar surroundings within their own country. Alternatively, foreign language-speaking professionals can be hired to represent businesses headquartered in their own countries in foreign countries.

Global Supply Chain Manager

Supply chain strategies that fit a company’s chosen markets and products are one of the hardest aspects of doing business in global markets. A supply chain manager works with a business advisor or trade advisor to identify vendors in foreign markets. 

Their goal is to find vendor organizations with the flexibility to deliver the right quantity of goods at the right time to prevent cost overruns from storing too much inventory and revenues from inventory shortages.

Global MBA Salary in India 2021

MBA graduates are driven by three things – salary, work-life balance, and personal growth opportunities. While salary forms the biggest part of your MBA salary package, the other two are just as important. In general, the salary depends on 5 parameters namely:

  • The specialization opted by the candidate for the Global MBA
  • Candidate’s experience
  • Educational background
  • The college or university from which the candidate graduated
  • Additional Certifications

In comparison to the international average, the salary of Global MBA graduates in India is quite competitive. Generally speaking, a Global MBA professional at entry-level earns around INR 10,00,000 annually.

Top Companies for Global MBA Graduates

In recent years, many students have taken admission in some of the top institutions in the country to study this leadership course and in turn, find a rewarding career in corporate management. Recruiters from across the globe consider India a favourite destination due to its reputation as an intellectual hub. With promises of substantial salaries, these Global MBA recruitment companies land in reputable MBA institutions to recruit proficient and skilled professionals for their companies.

Some of the top recruiters hiring Global MBA professionals are:

  1. Amazon
  2. J P Morgan
  3. Deloitte
  4. Apple
  5. Morgan Stanley
  6. Boston Consulting Group
  7. Cognizant
  8. Reliance Industries Limited
  9. TCS
  10. Wipro

Key Takeaway

Global MBA is among the most popular MBA programmes across the world. Getting into a good Global MBA program, however, can be quite difficult. Many universities are offering the Global MBA to cater to the needs of the international student community. It is either offered in regular morning or evening shifts, in the same time zone as the home country of the student to bridge the gap in time in both countries. Either online or offline. The Global MBA is also much cheaper than the traditional MBA. It is also an alternative to the executive MBA for working professionals.

If you enrol in a Global MBA program at a leading institute in India, you will gain a solid understanding of the governmental, economic, and political changes affecting global business. The course will also enable you to understand the influence of interest rates, trade, inflation, and investment on business ventures as well as give you a framework for thinking strategically about international business.

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The Global MBA provides worldwide new perspectives, as stated above. In the new digital economy of business, MADE Academy’s Global MBA program places a particular emphasis on THE DIGITAL ECONOMY. There is no professional education that does not take into account the impact of the digital economy. As a whole, digital technologies can profoundly transform the economy. 

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Additional advantages you will experience at MADE Academy are:

  • International Orientation
  • International Visiting Faculties
  • Strong Industry Interface
  • Multifaceted Domestic Exposure
  • Specialized Soft Skills Development Program
  • State-of-the-art Laboratory Facilities
  • Live Projects
  • Paid Internships in India / Abroad
  • Training in start-up-Entrepreneurship
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  • Global Placements

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