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Global MBA Job Opportunities: 7 Potential Jobs You Can Get in India

November 5, 2021


If you want to go to an international environment as a student or professional, or if you want to learn and prepare yourself for an international setting, a Global MBA is the one for you. The MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is one of the most well-known and respected professional degrees. After completing a Global MBA, you will have a plethora of professional opportunities at your disposal.

In this essay, we attempted to present the seven best job alternatives that you may likely pursue after completing your degree.

The Meaning of Global MBA

A Global MBA is a subset of the conventional MBA curriculum that focuses on international business management. A Global MBA is often suitable to students who want to go overseas for management positions or work in global corporations. The curriculum of the degree is more diverse and contains ideas relevant to the worldwide business sector. A Global MBA is intended to acquire a wide range of managerial and business abilities applicable to a variety of worldwide sectors. As a result, the training can improve your career chances and allow you to apply for a variety of foreign work possibilities.

What is the Importance of a Global MBA?

A Global MBA might allow you to broaden your knowledge beyond a geographical concentration. Its curriculum can help you gain a better understanding of how multinational firms function and thrive. It may also broaden your views and provide you with a worldwide perspective.

The vast range of courses improves your understanding of business and management while also assisting you in acquiring or improving your interpersonal skills. A Global MBA may also be an excellent way for working people to break out of a career rut.

Who can Pursue a Global MBA?

● You must have completed your graduation of 3 years (some colleges may also require a bachelor’s degree of 4 years) from a recognized board.
● You must have scored a minimum of 50% or equivalent CGPA in your graduation.
● You must have 2 years of work

MBA graduates can pursue a variety of professions in the corporate world that need strong interpersonal skills. These include, among other things, verbal and nonverbal communication skills, assertiveness, listening skills, negotiating skills, problem-solving and decision-making abilities.

Top 7 Global MBA Job/Career Opportunities in India

When the global component is introduced to your qualification, it becomes more advantageous; it adds benefits to your qualification and reveals characteristics of the worldwide business environment.Here are some job opportunities for Global MBA grads in these various business specialities.

  1. International Trade Policy

After completing your global MBA or International MBA, you might work as an international trade policy adviser. As an international trade policy adviser, you will be responsible for communicating other nations’ business practises to your clients, as well as the rules and regulations that are followed on an international level. You will also need to customise the information in line with the services provided by the customer.

  1. Global Networking

Because this professional degree Global MBA is taught to students with a global perspective in mind, you may go on to establish your professional network with people from other nations and all over the world. As a result, you will be portrayed as a worldwide management specialist.

  1. Global Management Consultants

Global Management Consultants assist companies in identifying and establishing effective operations in overseas markets across the world. With this role, your tasks would be to first study the existing operations of the business for which you are working, and then, after completing the analysis, you would advise to them where they lack and how they may better themselves.

  1. International Trade Specialist

International trade professionals are responsible for coordinating with credit and financial activities, as well as securing payments for import and export operations. You will be required to serve as a counsellor on issues such as tariffs, federal and foreign regulations, and markets.

  1. Business Development Manager

A business development manager is someone who is in charge of defining and developing strategy-based goals for the company for which they work. You will also be in charge of negotiating commercial transactions. You will also need to define specific targets for your sales approaches and the organization’s marketing.

  1. International Sales Manager

An International Sales Manager is responsible for maintaining exceptional coordination among the sales team, as well as managing sales objectives and ensuring that they are met within the time frame specified. They are also in charge of promoting the products and services provided by the organisation for which they work.

  1. Health Services Manager

Health services are the fastest expanding industry in the United States, and a health services manager is responsible for maintaining a harmonious balance between business and humanitarian components of the healthcare industry. You will need to maintain an eye on the business when providing healthcare services because it must be the top.

What is the Difference Between Global MBA and MBA?

Curriculum –

In a Gobal MBA, many multinational-oriented topics are covered in the course curriculum, including international accounting and international strategic management. Whereas an MBA lacks the international perspective and the curriculum is designed for national requirements.

Global Approach –

A global MBA emphasises general management approaches and skill development in order to assist you to acquire exposure to the global business world. Whereas an MBA emphasises leadership skills required on a national level.

Students –

When compared to traditional MBA programmes, global MBA programmes admit students from a considerably more broad range of backgrounds and nations

• Benefits of Global MBA

You are exposed to a variety of languages, cultures, and races, which makes you more compassionate and sensitive. You can also get the cultural awareness needed to work with individuals from all over the world and gain insight into diverse points of view. Most Global MBA programmes train students for managerial roles in global corporations, and graduates are expected to lead their organisations in all aspects of international business, including marketing, financial management, logistics, and trade legislation.

• Summary

The programme is meant to provide you with a worldwide perspective on various business principles and ideas. A master’s degree in business administration is a professional degree that teaches you abilities that will help you advance in your business and related fields. Kickstart your career with a Global MBA from Made Academy in India. For more information, call on +91 9513505501 / 080 – 26794741 or fill out the enquiry form for more details.