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Co-Created with Industry Professionals

The FINTECH revolution has just begun. Like any other area of Digital Economy the FINTECH industry is growing at a rapid pace. It will continue to grow  as the financial restructuring gains momentum when the companies begin to integrate the process in multiple areas of operation and the world becomes more and more connected and relies ever more on mobile phones. And the markets prepare to embrace a more mature and sophisticated approach of integrating technology into financial functions.

Fintech Industry

FinTech is financial technology; a digital revolution in financial services.  It’s about major innovations in asset management, business and personal loans, fundraising, money transfers, and the way we invest. FinTech involves disruption of all business operations as well as personal financial matters. FinTech stands for an aspirational innovation that aims to use the emerging technologies and merge them with finance. Such innovation can disrupt existing industry structures and blur industry boundaries, facilitate strategic disintermediation, revolutionize how firms create and deliver products and services, create significant privacy, regulatory and law-enforcement challenges, provide new gateways for entrepreneurship, and seed opportunities for inclusive growth.

Global giants leading the FINTECH revolution, include IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, DELL, Google, Intel, Accenture, CIS, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Deloitte, KPMG,  PwC, Reuters, Capgemini.

India is among the three top countries in the world with highest number of FINTECH startups with expected 10 million jobs by 2022

Growing Demand of Fintech Market

Technologies driving the FinTech Innovation

Who Should Take This Program

  • Financial services professionals
  • Consultants
  • Software companies who sell to financial services
  • Banking professionals
  • IT, security, regulatory professionals
  • Venture capital professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Students pursuing career in financial sector

Learning from the Program

  • An in-depth understanding of the FinTech industry
  • An in-depth understanding of the future of money, markets and transactions, as well as the mental tools and frameworks required to predict and leverage future trends in FinTech
  • Develop disruptive financial innovations using the appropriate tools and techniques
  • Simulate and Study the effects of new regulations will have on future commerce products

Opportunities and Career Prospects in FinTech

Jobs in FinTech industry

According to NASSCOM, the Indian FinTech market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22% in the next five years. The transaction value for the Indian FinTech sector is expected to reach $73 billion by 2020, as per the KPMG reports. India has seen a spectacular rise in FinTech startups to emerge as world’s number one country in this space. As the banking crisis deepens FinTech startup space will continue to expand.  It is expected that this industry alone will create nearly 2,5 million jobs by 2024


  • Blockchain Developer
  • Apps Developer
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • RoboAdvisory
  • Internet of Things


  • Financial Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Compliance Expert
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Culture Champions
  • Techinsurer
  • Banking
  • Retail


  • Education and banking segment
  • Advisories
  • Logistics, marketing and supply chains
  • Real Estate
  • Sports, insurance, and Healthcare
  • Entertainment and Media


  • Law
  • Retail
  • e-commerce
  • Crowd-funding
  • Investment platforms
  • Cryptos


Made Academy certification program in FinTech – designed by leading FinTech experts. This unique program gives a holistic view of the global & Indian FinTech market to the learners. It is designed to equip participants with the ability to identify opportunities for disruption in the financial services sector and enable the learners to both launch new FinTech ventures and harness new technology to build better financial services firms.


  • Banking basics and the importance of financial services
  • FinTech Industry-Overview of organisations in India and abroad
  • Basics of Accounting
  • Quantitative methods used in financial services
  • Financial products basics
  • Financial products- advanced
  • Product Management
  • Current job roles in industry, shaping your career
  • Social Entrepreneurship

30 + 10 hours

  • Alternative Investments industry
  • Regulatory Reporting, Economics and Regulation
  • Trade Life Cycle and different departments in a bank
  • Sales and Trading
  • Financial Systems
  • Financial Information System
  • Risk Management for FinTech
  • FinTech Personal Finance and Payments
  • Investment Banking
  • International Finance

Data Science

  • Overview of analytics
  • FinTech Analytics
  • Data-Driven Credit Modeling
  • Dealing with Data
  • Big data with cloud computing
  • Introduction to Python and Anaconda
  • Data Visualization and Sentiment Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Networks and tools
  • Deep Learning
  • CASE STUDIES: Uses of Data Analytics in financial services industry and disruption

30 hours


  • Accounting and the importance of a ledger
  • Types of ledger, blockchain technology stack
  • Blocks, mining, consensus, distributed databases, Smart contracts, hashing
  • Blockchain implementation
  • Uses of blockchain in financial services industry and disruption case studies
  • Tools- training on Corda
  • Crypto currencies
  • Digital Currencies, Blockchains, and the Financial Services Industry

30 hours


  • Overview of Robotics Process Automation
  • RPA Lifecycle and RPA Products
  • RPA Automation Tools
  • Process Analysis and Automation
  • Uses of Robotics Process Automation in financial services industry and disruption
  • Case studies

30 hours

Future of The Global Fintech Landscape

  • Frontiers of financial innovation
  • The future of money
  • Analysis of the macro-environmental factors
  • Competitive dynamics that impact fintech innovations
  • The future of markets
  • Investigate the impact of fintech innovations on markets.
  • The future of transactions and market places
  • Learn to draft the financials for your innovation.
  • Fintech entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship in payment industry
  • Applications in entrepreneurial finance
  • ‘New Venture Finance’
  • Startup landscape and crowd funding.



Entrepreneurship in FinTech; Talks with entrepreneurs
Industry professional Teach-ins

CEO Shadowing

Mentoring and helping students in future careers.
Interview preparation sessions


Crowdfunding symposium

3Cs for FinTech Career


Mr. Amey Kulkarni

Dr. Arif Ahmed

Ms. Veena Hingarh

Dr. Madhavi Lokhande

Dr. Prof. M R Sripathi Rao

Dr. Parul Tandan

Dr. Vinod Krishna U. Makkimane

Prospective Placement Providers

Blended Learning Pedagogy




Course Duration : 170 Hours Hybrid Learning Certification Program
Eligibility : Graduate with min 50% BE Btech, BBA Bcom with Statistics, Mathematics and Computer knowledge


Earn a Certificate of Post Graduate Diploma in FinTech from the MANAGEMENT ACADEMY FOR
DIGITAL ECONOMY IN INDIA endorsed by the industry and Govt agency.