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Digital Startup & Entrepreneurship Academe

Digital Economy is an entrepreneurial economy. The Academe is committed to fostering the entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing 360 degree support to students from ideation to creation of enterprises. Digital enterprises are characterized by a high intensity of utilization of novel digital technologies particularly social, big data, mobile and cloud solutions to improve business operations, invent new business models, sharpen business intelligence, and engage with customers and stakeholders.

Entrepreneurial education at the Academe is aimed at designing new approaches to business, developing new models to transform markets, fostering entrepreneurial ecosystems, bringing new ideas to market through the creation of new ventures, our students are encouraged to provide solutions to build better future. Besides offering rigorous academic courses in innovation and entrepreneurship the Academe organises hackathons, competitions, conferences, seminars, brain storming chill-out sessions to spark new ideas.

In order to achieve these goals the academe has established:

  • Co-working Space
  • Incubation Centre
  • Accelerator
  • Design Thinking Lab

These are supported by AVISTRAT – a high-tech strategy venture – that helps building networks and collaborations, access to resources, development of business plans, review, monitoring and evaluation. AVISTRAT facilitates cross-learning meetings on entrepreneurship, provides platforms for cross- interaction and acts as a gate-opener beyond the individual projects.
Our community of faculty, mentors, advisers, industry associates is passionate about problem solving through the power of creative ideas and build new entrepreneurial ventures.