Digital Marketing Executive Roles and Responsibilities


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Digital Marketing Executive Roles and Responsibilities

November 30, 2021


Digital Marketing is intended for persons who are creative and enthusiastic about the internet. It is a very result-oriented and goal-oriented discipline. A profession in digital marketing will not only pay well but will also expand your knowledge and creativity. You begin as a Digital Marketing executive and work your way up the corporate ladder as you gain experience and knowledge.

Continue reading if you want to start a career in digital marketing and want to know what it comprises and how to get started.

What is the Role of a Digital Marketing Executive?

Digital Digital Marketing Executives are often in charge of the whole digital marketing strategy are planning, development, implementation, and management. They are also in charge of supervising, directing, and educating digital marketers and other marketing jobs on the team.

  • Attaining predetermined objectives in lead generation, lead qualification, marketing communication, brand image building, and lead conversion
  • Marketing of digital things such as websites and mobile applications both online and offline. It includes creating concepts for printed items such as brochures and posters, as well as conducting internet marketing initiatives.
  • Using Digital Marketing strategies to advertise a product, whether digital or non-digital. Online commercials, viral YouTube videos, and any other sort of internet marketing approach fall under this category.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the efficacy of campaigns and other marketing activities, as well as taking corrective action to enhance performance.

Digital Marketing Executive Job Responsibilities

The Digital Marketing Executive is in charge of carrying out the company’s digital marketing efforts. He or she is involved in all aspects of the campaign’s conception, planning, implementation, measurement, and optimization.

  • Assist in the formulation of the entire digital marketing strategy with the team.
  • Execute digital marketing efforts across a variety of digital marketing platforms (SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email, Mobile, Display)
  • Manage and maintain the company’s owned media, which includes websites, mobile applications, and email/CRM software.
  • Manage the generation of relevant and compelling digital content for distribution across many digital channels.
  • Oversee social media marketing efforts.
  • Control digital advertising campaigns (SEM, Display, Social, Programmatic)
  • Control SEO campaigns and work on SEO of the website pages.
  • Configure conversion, pixel, and event tracking on the website and across several digital channels.
  • To drive engagements and conversions, conduct market research on market trends, brand audiences and competitors, and the end-to-end consumer journey.
  • Analyze digital marketing analytics data and communicate findings with the team in order to design optimization strategies.
  • Identify new digital marketing trends and ensure that the brand is in front of the industry developments. Keep up to date on new digital tools and platforms, digital marketing trends, and new technology, and share your findings with the rest of the team.
  • Optimize content for the website and social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, etc
  • Track the website traffic flow and provide internal reports regularly
  • Fix any error in online content and arrange webinars and webcasts
  • Attend networking events and product launches.
  • Edit and post content, videos, podcasts, and audio content on online sites.
  • Creating and executing SMS, and email-based marketing campaigns.

Skills required

  • The particular expertise of the digital arena distinguishes Digital Marketing Executives from other marketing professionals. Candidates who are ideal:
  • Should be well-versed in web technological advancements.
  • Must be well-versed in social networking and viral marketing initiatives.
  • They must be proficient in using technical terminology, as well as any necessary online lingo, and they must understand what makes a product creator in the digital world.
  • Should be able to write and communicate well about technology. They
  • Must be able to think imaginatively about new marketing tactics.

Successful Digital Marketing Executives can advance to senior roles in digital marketing, such as senior executive or manager. It is possible to advance from being in control of a specific digital product to being in command of an entire company’s online marketing strategy. It also entails becoming a part of the company’s digital future vision.

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