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Digital Innovation & Research Academe

Continuing research is an imperative to generate knowledge through understanding the process of change, the issues emerging out of the impact of disruptive forces on the social, economic, political fabric of global societies and searching solution to integrate them in the educational process. Rapidly unfolding Digital technologies are fundamentally disrupting the entire gamut of human systems. Their long term impact is yet unknown.  Researching and understanding how digital technology is designed and used, is crucial in ensuring it delivers both economic and societal benefit to all. Rapid advances in technology create economic opportunities and challenges that are often fundamentally different from our societies have ever experienced. Perceptive corporations, societies and nations are building their research agenda to explore solutions to smoothly absorb and integrate the impact of deeply penetrating technology.

Here at the Academe we shall primarily undertake soft side of research agenda focusing on the social, economic and sustainable dimensions of technological impact. Research agenda is an evolving process, however, to begin with some of the research areas that we would like to undertake include:

  • Parameters of measuring digital economy,
  • Identifying business models,
  • Impact on workforce and demand for new skills and suggest
  • Policy measures to mitigate the adverse impact of technological change
  • Managerial tools and skills
  • Leadership¬† skills