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Difference Between Global MBA and MBA: Which is Better?

Difference Between Global MBA and MBA: Which is Better?

March 3, 2022

An MBA degree is a popular qualification that is used for aspiring managers and executives. Most people believe that there is a global MBA degree and a more prestigious MBA degree. The primary purpose of this course is to equip students with indispensable management skills and knowledge for a wide variety of careers. As per recent reports, many students choose to get an MBA overseas. However, students are not sure which one to choose- Global MBA or MBA?

If you are someone who is looking at different options for your MBA and are confused about the two different types of MBA degrees. This blog will explain the two different types and help you find out which is the better option.

What is a Regular MBA?

An MBA is one of the most important investments you can make in your career. A regular MBA degree is an advanced business degree that is offered full-time or part-time through traditional classroom settings. A regular MBA is a full-time MBA where you split your time between theory and practical application.

If you want to work in a company with a strong domestic presence and a smaller international reach after graduation, then a regular MBA would be beneficial to you. In these programs, students learn how to operate a business with adherence to domestic laws and best practices. In the MBA program, participants will learn managerial accounting and marketing skills, as well as strategic management.

What is a Global MBA?

A global MBA is a master’s program that allows you to study business in different regions and learn how to do business in different parts of the world. A global MBA is a practical program that focuses on the applications, rather than theories of business. It gives you the tactical skills and cultural awareness to succeed as a business professional in today’s global economy.

The Global MBA provides training in international business management as a variation of the regular MBA program. Throughout the curriculum, you will learn about different business concepts and ideas from an international perspective. 

Also, through a Global MBA, you can explore the operations of global businesses and learn how national and international companies differ.

What are the Benefits of a Global MBA?

Whether you are an executive, a professional or a student, higher education may be the best investment you can make. There has been a lot of buzz about global MBA programs in recent years. 

A Global MBA is a great opportunity to work with people from different cultures and experience a new way of life. There are many things to consider when looking for a Global MBA. 

Here we take a look at some of the main benefits of a Global MBA. 

  • A vast array of learning opportunities

The Global MBA gives you a global outlook and allows you to broaden your knowledge beyond a regional focus. With a diverse group of students and a diverse curriculum, candidates can learn from a broad range of subject matters. Your understanding of international business operations and growth will increase. 

Also, studying business and management helps you develop or improve your interpersonal skills as well as your understanding of business. An MBA program is an excellent choice for working professionals looking to advance their careers.

  • Several avenues for networking

Professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and industries can network and exchange ideas through a Global MBA. 

Your studies will provide you with opportunities to meet people with similar interests as well as those with a different perspective. As a result, you’ll become acquainted with new industries, develop a professional network, and open up exciting career opportunities. Consequently, you will be able to interact with international business players while simultaneously strengthening your networking skills. Additionally, different cultures can help you gain insight into various perspectives and better prepare you for working with people around the world.

  • Professional development at a global level

The employment prospects are excellent for these programs. The Global MBA program develops managerial and business skills that can be applied to nearly any industry. The degree opens up opportunities to work anywhere in the world. A candidate can stay in their home country and work for a global firm or even a national one.

It will allow you to expand your professional footprint, leading to an improvement in your career. The skills you acquire will also help you be more productive when you take on new responsibilities in your career. Thus, you will increase your chances of getting into a wide range of international jobs and improve your career prospects.

The requirement for eligibility to enrol in Global MBA courses is substantial work experience. Therefore, individuals with substantial work experience are generally interested in these courses.

  • Lucrative jobs with high salaries

A lot of people jump into the field of management studies to get a great job, a high salary and have a fulfilled career. 

Usually, job seekers migrate overseas to find high-paying jobs. A Global MBA will give you the confidence to work anywhere in the world in any industry. You will be able to attain high positions more quickly when you have a Global MBA.

Global MBA programs are designed to create global leaders who can make a difference in any organization. If you aspire to be in a well-paying job, with high salaries and plenty of opportunities for advancement, then you should seriously consider a Global MBA program.

  • Take a proactive approach to entrepreneurship

People come up with a variety of ideas, some of which may lead to improvements. With a Global MBA course, you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of entrepreneurial ideas. In addition to collaborating with your classmates on these ideas, you will also gain access to the newest technologies. 

In this way, the course will provide you with valuable experience that can be applied to any career you pursue.

  • Keeping up with market demands

The global business operates in a dynamic environment. The customer service industry is constantly changing and evolving to meet employee and strategy demands. 

Therefore, professionals today need to have a solid understanding of international markets, regulatory issues, and business practices. Due to the ever-changing field, the demand for global business professionals is on the rise, so the demand for global MBA perspectives will rise as well.

What are the Benefits of a Regular MBA?

Obtaining an MBA shows a commitment to learning, improving, and applying skills that can contribute to your company’s success. Additionally, MBA holders are more confident about their marketability as well as the wealth of information they can contribute to their careers. Those are just a few of the benefits you can get from an MBA. 

  • A wider knowledge of the global market

In this program, you will be able to meet many other students from all over the world and hear their differing perspectives on global economics. Furthermore, MBA students can learn about other industries in India and abroad in addition to learning from professors. 

  • Building advanced communication skills

You can improve your communication skills with an MBA, allowing you to effectively communicate concepts to people at different levels of organizational hierarchy. This will enable everyone to work together toward the same goal. 

  • A vast business network is available to you

An MBA allows you to tap into a global network of accomplished and intelligent professionals that you might not have otherwise encountered. You will also be able to network with professionals outside your classroom, apart from being part of a broader community.

  • Endless career opportunities

Having an advanced degree can help an applicant stand out in a highly competitive job market. Whatever the industry, an MBA can be of value. The majority of employers prefer to hire or promote applicants with an MBA because they possess skills in finance and marketing that other in their organization may lack. As a result, they can launch various initiatives and increase profits for their company. 

  • Acquire management skills that are versatile and advanced

An MBA requires managing an extensive course load, extracurriculars, and personal and professional endeavours. With an MBA, you can learn how to manage your time effectively, which is not only valuable for employers but also for your own life.

What are the similarities between a Global MBA and a Regular MBA?

Getting an MBA degree can be very rewarding. You should consider the cost of earning your degree as well as the potential salary increase if money is your motivator. You should also consider whether or not you intend to work while studying and whether or not you need to live near your family. Depending on your preferences, your age, your lifestyle, and how long you plan to study, you may make the right choice.

Both the regular MBA program and the Global MBA program have distinct differences, but they also share many similarities. A typical MBA curriculum includes business ethics, optimal decision-making, data modelling, human resources, finance, accounting, marketing, and management. Taking your career to the next level is possible with either program.

What is the difference between a Global MBA and a Regular MBA?

While a Master’s degree is a good qualification, sometimes it is not enough. A Master’s degree may not get you the career that you want and it may not be valuable in the job market. 

A lot of students are turning towards acquiring an MBA degree. But why choose a global MBA? 

Global MBA and regular MBA may sound a lot like each other but they are very different degrees. Before you enrol in a global MBA program, you must know what you are getting into. In this section, we will look at the difference between the two degrees. 

In the later section, we will also look at the schools which offer the degrees, the career options this degree will open up for you and the type of projects you will undertake in your course.

  • Purpose

In reality, the MBA is a graduate degree that focuses mainly on local management. Whereas, Global MBA programs also feature a much greater diversity of backgrounds and nationalities than regular MBA courses.

  • Course Duration

A master of business administration, or MBA, is a graduate degree that offers a comprehensive education in business management. A typical MBA program can be completed in two years and has full-time and part-time options. A global MBA is a specific type of MBA that allows students to earn their degrees while they travel and study at multiple international locations. A regular MBA is the standard MBA program and is not available in an international format.

  • Curriculum

Global MBAs tend to be suited to students pursuing international careers or working in multinational companies. The curriculum of the program covers a diverse variety of subjects and is tailored to the international marketplace.

In contrast, regular MBA programs are generally much more generalized. The subjects they cover are not exclusively related to international business.

  • Approach to teaching

MBA programs are normally taught in domestic environments, but the Global MBA program takes a global approach to help students better understand the economies of countries around the world. 

Global MBA programs are designed to cater to the needs of modern business professionals who want to learn in a global business environment.

  • Career opportunities & exposure

If you are looking for a business degree to kickstart your career, then a global MBA is a good option for you. A regular MBA will give you more time to work and learn the ropes of managing a business and it gives you more time to study. However, if you can go for a global MBA, you can have wider exposure and will have the opportunity to study in more countries. A global MBA can also help you get a more competitive edge over the others for a job in the international market.

  • Range of skills & knowledge acquired 

An MBA degree is a globally recognized professional certification that shows that its holder has the skills and knowledge to manage people, finances, and innovation in a growing business.

A global MBA degree holder has a better understanding of international business. They are proficient in international business languages and cultures can travel internationally for their jobs, and can easily navigate the growing trend of globalization. They are also at an advantage over local MBA degree holders when applying for jobs in international markets.


  • What can you expect from a Global MBA?

A master’s level global MBA has turned out to be one of the most sought-after degrees, worldwide. The reasons for this are pretty clear. Global MBA is a passport to new opportunities, helps you stand out from the crowd and helps you gain an absolute global perspective. You get some great insight into different business environments, countries and industries.

  • What can you get out of a Global MBA program?

You will experience a pool of benefits after completion of your Global MBA program. Not only does it give exposure to cross-cultural awareness, but also provide students with an understanding of the broader concepts in business and management. Apart from these, as mentioned above, Global MBA gives access to endless career possibilities with lucrative salary packages, enhancement of a variety of skills, expansion of network opportunities and more. 


Today’s fast-paced corporate environment requires you to be on top of your organizational and management skills to succeed, particularly if you want to become a global business leader. If you want to flourish in your international career, you have to stay up-to-date with the latest business trends and economic developments.

In general, you might not gain the relevant expertise for an international career from a regular business program like an MBA. Whereas, Global MBAs might be more suitable for you. Both regular MBA and Global MBA enables you to stay with one company while you move up the ladder. 

However, in the end, you decide which path to follow!

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