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About Us


Convergence of multiple technologies hyper-connectivity, supercomputing, cloud computing, cyber security, and smart products are giving shape to a new business ecosystem known as the Digital Economy. ‘Digital’ Has opened up unprecedented possibilities for individuals, businesses, and societies to connect in real time, creating a world that is more collaborative, intelligent, and responsive. The emergence of new digital infrastructure with Internet of Everything (IoE) at its heart, the world is heading towards a new paradigm of ubiquitous computing embedded into the public spaces, architectures, and the personal fabric of our daily lives. This paradigm shift will have a profound effect on the ways in which people work, travel, learn, entertain themselves and socialise 9nevitable creating a new business landscape.

The future of doing business in the digital age will, then, depend on the ability of individuals and businesses to effectively use digital technologies. Only organisations, nations and societies that equip their citizens, employees, partners and consumers with new skills can fully capitalize on innovation.

The emergence of new digital infrastructure with Internet of Every Thing (IoE) at its heart, the world is heading towards a new paradigm of ubiquitous computing embedded into the public spaces, architecture and personal fabric of our daily lives. Only such individuals, organisations, nations and societies that equip their citizens, employees, partners and consumers with new skills can fully capitalize on these innovations.

Digital empowerment offers significant scope for economic growth and the opportunity to catapult any economy into the position of high-tech knowledge society. A concerted effort is needed with a shift in mind set to develop a larger innovation ecosystem in the country – one that fosters creativity, collaboration, partnerships and shared technical know-how to create disruptive business models, products and services that will fuel the Digital Transformation.


International Management Academy for Digital Economy has been conceived in the context of rising global Digital Economy setting off profound and multifaceted transformation. Designed as a thinking institution, innovation mediated and digitally driven entrepreneurial knowledge enterprise the Academy is a leader in Digital Economy education and entrepreneurship development space. The cornerstone of the Digital Academy is to develop highly innovative entrepreneurial human resources to support the creation of new business opportunities as well as help existing companies in their digital transformation. The Academy is founded on clear set of objectives in pursuit of the vision:

  • To develop high-end digital skills and talent. To nurture world class skills and talent to lead world class business enterprises.
  • Create a digital entrepreneurial culture. To foster a truly entrepreneurial culture to push for startup and innovation driven economy.
  • To accelerate industry digital transformation. Accelerate the adoption and use
    of digital technologies.
  • To provide mentoring, advisory service to aspiring entrepreneurs. Facilitate the access to finance for each stage of enterprise development and support the growth of digital entrepreneurial ventures.

The Academy has been designed as an integrated enterprise to provide holistic education and opportunity for young entrepreneurs to create new startup enterprises as well as support existing businesses in their digital transformation. With a view to fulfill these objectives the Academy consists of clearly laid out streams of learning:

Digital Business Management Academe

focuses on high-end professional programmes aimed at developing managerial resources to operate in the global digital environment.

Digital Corporate Excellence Academe

focuses on industry oriented programmes providing creative solutions to facilitate organisational transformation towards Digital Economy.

Digital Startup & Entrepreneurial Academe

to provide co-working spaces, accelerators mentoring and financial access to facilitate the creation of startup enterprises.

Digital Innovation & Research Academe

aimed at generating state-of-the art knowledge for enhancement of digital environment and growth of Digital Economy.

Digital CSR

to help promote digital literacy and awareness programmes to the weaker sections of society.

Vision and Mission

The Digital Economy is advancing worldwide at a rapid pace enabling people and organizations devise strategies, interact, communicate, collaborate and search for useful information, develop innovative business models, business networking for knowledge exchange and access to international markets. Digital Economy is people’s economy; it’s about giving power to the people.

The success in the digital economy will come to those nations and societies that are able to develop human resources equipped with appropriate skills and knowledge to capture value from digital technologies. Hence, education and learning will play a vital role in developing human resources to meet the challenges of the emerging complex environment.

Education at the Management Academy for Digital Economy has been designed to develop future managers with holistic perception through unity of thought, vision and action to operate in the rapidly unfolding digital ecosystem. The Academy aspires to become a leading centre in the global digital education space providing industry integrated skills to develop Digital economy business leaders with high quality of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The Academy is dedicated to nurture creative minds with entrepreneurial drive for application and extension of knowledge for the benefit of the society.

Board of Governors
Prof. S L RaoChairman
Former Director General NCAER, New Delhi.
Former, Chairman, Governing Council, ISEC, Bangalore
V. Umesh I A S (Retd)Member
Additional Chief Secretary, Govt of Karnataka 
Prof. Parag DiwanMember
Consultant, Higher Education
Founding vice Chancellor, UPES
Ghanshyam  DassMember
Adviser, KPMG.
Jain Farms, Board of Directors
JUBILANT FoodWorks Ltd, Board of Directors
G K C ReddyVice  Chairman
Philanthropist, NGO & Social Activist
Dr. Arun BhardwajMember
Happiness Engineer
Formerly at DELL,  Lucent Technologies
Samsung etc
Dr. Arif AhmedMember
CEO, South Asia Management Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Visiting Professor at XLRI, Jamshedpur
Veena   HingarhMember
Senior Director,
South Asia Management Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Dr. Anil RawatMember Secretary

Standing Committee





‘The Board of Directors (“Board”) is responsible for articulating and upholding the vision, values and mission of the organization. The Board provides the data center community a direct voice into IDCA’s activities and fosters bi-directional interaction with data center experts, designers, developers, managers, owners, operators, and data center solution providers.’

A word from the COO

We live in a world that is increasingly defined by overarching technologies of intense interconnectivity. International Management Academy for Digital Economy has been conceived against the background of rising digital revolution around the world.

India has taken a giant leap towards becoming a global knowledge hub of Digital Economy. It is well understood that the Digital Economy rests on two pillars of rapidly advancing technological change and corresponding human asset development. Digital Management Academy is dedicated to train entrepreneurial creative minds to generate wealth in the digital world. Innovative Action Learning process at the Academy rests on four pillars of

  1. High end professional programmes
  2. Corporate transformational learning
  3. Incubation and startup support system
  4. Leveraging the power of research

to provide innovative skills and tools for digital management.

We invite such motivated entrepreneurial young men and women who dream to make their mark in the emerging knowledge based society and the Digital Economy.

Vasantha Lakshmi R